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We're committed.

Our commitment to showcasing truly one-of-a-kind artwork is evident through the projects we've completed and the artists we represent. We believe that the most engaging Artwork comes from individuals who have a unique perspective on the world and are driven to share their vision in intriguing ways.


Learn more about our recent projects and see how we can help you find the perfect work of art for your space.

Outside the box - up, and away!

If you hadn't noticed, "Creative Direction" means that we provide a unique and innovative approach to achieving your vision. We're used to applying next-level content to game-changing strategies. This breathes life into passion filled endeavors.


With our guidance, you'll unlock doors and opportunities you never thought possible!

An Artist's pride.

At Visi00n Production House, we take pride in our carefully curated museum. Our collection showcases over a decade of artistic research and features VPH Artist's exclusively. Each with their own creative flare and TONS of experience. Dive into cryptic stories that boggle the mind, case studies, breath-taking shots. The sheer variety of it all - make some say, our online museum is a "powerful experience".

sightbenders guild header.png

The SightBender's Guild is a private
Art academy.


The Sight Bender's Guild - known as a legendary Art academy for unique individuals with naturally heightened creativity.

Our program is designed to enhance your skills, develop your unique style, and provide a deep understanding of your creative faculties so you can strategically maneuver creative projects with ease. The bulk of your learning here will include photography, filmmaking, design, psychology, and marketing - as well as lectures or workshops by leading professionals in the art industry.

Next Season starts
March 2024

We aim to aid the adventures of Artists with the knowledge, accolades and certificates they get from completing our creatively immersive curriculum.

Once admitted to The Guild you'll have access to exclusive 
webinars and lectures, exclusive videos, exclusive software's and training, exclusive everything!

Our Seasons start on the summer solstice and end on the winter solstice of each year. A
nnually, admissions will be open for a limited time. 

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