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At home in the Hi-Tech Division; Photo + Video shoots, event bookings, graphic design, and more! Long story short, these are one-of-a-kind creative services built custom for any endeavor! Head to the Digital Room to book!


VPH's Lo-Tech Division has opened
the vault, offering random drops of timeless
fine art to the world in various physical forms.
Head to the Print room to access these exclusives!

P R I N T  S H O P

Myths & Legends Framed Puzzle Kit: Bumblebee

In stock
Product Details

Made with high-quality chipboard;

70/120/200 pieces form a 8*6/10*8/14*10 inch puzzle
This includes a puzzle and a photo frame
The photo frame could be placed on the table or hung on the wall.

Size Chart

Number of Pieces Frame Size (cm) Puzzle Size (cm)
70 23 x 18 x 2 20 x 15 x 0.2
120 28 x 23 x 2 25 x 20 x 0.2
200 38 x 28 x 2 35 x 25 x 0.2
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